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Laughing is liberating and energising. It creates a positive connection between people and it gives us a chance to forget all about the stress the day might bring with it. A good laugh is good for your mind, body and soul. And if that wasn’t enough: It is scientifically proven that laughing is great for promoting communication, better group dynamics and self-confidence.

Fake or real, laughing makes you feel better
Our brains don’t recognise whether our laugh is fake or real, but as soon as the corners of our lips lift up, our brain starts producing hormones that make us feel good. Laughing with colleagues brings us together and increases the ability to put things into perspective, while making everyone feel cheerful, and a little less stressed!

That’s why our Laughter workshops are perfect for a team-building day or corporate events; it will allow your team to get to know each other better, communicate differently, have some fun and experience something they’ll never forget.

Laughter exercises
The workshop starts with a laughter warm-up, which is followed by a range of exercises that will make everyone giggle and smile. And if anyone is feeling a little shy, our laugh coaches know exactly what to do to put them at ease. Laughter workshops are suitable for small and large groups. Success, fun and growth outside the comfort zone are guaranteed!

  • For 6 up to more than 100 people
  • Mostly 1 tot 1,5 hour, but can be extended or shortened to energizer
  • Can be booked every day; choose your own date and time
  • Online or at locations in The Netherlands, Belgium, West Germany
  • Prices vary depending on the group scale and location. Starting from €295,- with a small group, exclusing Tax and travel costs.

Learn more about the Laughter Workshops and our prices and availability by getting in touch with us!



“Learn to communicate better... with just a laugh!”


Why do we all grumble just as much as we giggle, or more? Believe us when we say that there’s nothing better than a good groan with colleagues... especially as the more we do it, the more we understand the nonsense and sense behind it and who knows end up shrugging off with a laugh!

Funny faces?
When people grumble, they pull funny faces, mumble to themselves and make hilarious statements. Best of all, afterwards, they often feel much lighter and a little relieved. We all vent and grumble in our daily life, but we never stop to think about what it brings us and why we even do it.

Perspective and sharing
In truth, grumbling can put things into perspective, it can show us what’s really behind our complaints, what frustrates us and the silliness of it all. So how about doing it together, so you can stop stressing and share what’s bothering you before having a hearty laugh about it? At GetTheLaughflow, we specialised in hosting Grumble & Giggle Workshops, as we invented the workshop in 2016.
A dynamic experience that helps teams tackle frustrations, irritations and negative thoughts by naming and accepting them.

Express feelings
If you’re wondering why you should get your team on a Grumble & Giggle Workshop, Annefloor Klep, a Dutch researcher, found that openly grumbling and whining can be extremely positive for employees. If a team gets to express their negative feelings, they will become better performers and problem-solvers. They will also feel more comfortable and empowered in their jobs and will develop a greater team spirit and sense of belonging to the company or department they work for.

That’s why our Grumble & Giggle workshop will be an incredible opportunity for your team to understand better their frustrations and grow closer -- all of that in a lighthearted, fun way. During this workshop, our aim is to get everything out in the open and to create awareness about grumbling as a behavior. This takes away its power and eventually makes way for a wink, a giggle and a bit of lightheartedness!

Thanks to a series of exercises to stimulate grumbling, we support your team in the process of finding perspective, enhancing positive thinking, and starting with a clean slate. We promise to make you grumble, think and maybe giggle so hard that groaning about problems will never be the same again!

  • For 6 up to more than 60 people
  • Mostly 1,5 tot 2 hours, but can be extended or shortened
  • Can be booked every day; choose your own date and time
  • Online or at locations in The Netherlands, Belgium, West Germany
  • Prices vary depending on the group scale and location. Starting from €335 with a small group, exclusing tax and travel costs.

To learn more about our Grumble & Giggle Workshops and get a quote for your team, just contact us.


“Laughter breaks the ice and brings people together”

LAUGHING BREAKS Online or live

Need a break? Why not just have a laugh?! Laughter bring lots of energy!

A good laughter helps you clear your head. It leaves no space for negative thoughts. And hey - it gives you a quick workout, too!

Laughing is one of the healthiest activities for mind, body and soul. Thanks to our Laughing Breaks, your team or customers can now experience the benefits of a hearty laugh with just a quick energising pause!

Laughing Breaks are perfect to:

- Start the working day with a little fun
- Clear the head and quickly lower stress levels
- Promote creativity and enable creative processes
- Offer an icebreaker to conference goers and training attendees
- Bring more fun and cheerfulness in a day
- Create connections between team members and workshop participants

.... and so much more

If you’re organising a conference, a training session, a customers’ experience or a team-building day, a Laughing Break will be all you need for a memorable, fun activity.

  • Breaks / Energisers are perfect to 40 up to more than 800 people
  • From 10 tot 30 minute breaks to complete extended laughter workshops
  • Can be booked every day; choose your own date, time and location
  • Prices vary depending on the group scale, duration and location

Looking for a fully tailored experience? Send us an e-mail and our team will happily listen to your needs!



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