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The power of Laughter

GetTheLaughFlow Events was founded in 2013 by Bente Adriaens. After attending an international laughter session and learning about the power of laughter as a way to get people to positively step out of their comfort zone, founder Bente decided to become an accredited Laughter Coach. Today, her and the team's mission is to bring the positive effects of ‘Laughing for no reason’ to the attention of as many people as possible.

Throughout time GetTheLaughFlow evolved to further embrace every aspect related to being playful as adults. We currently offer a variety of services that support team-building, do away with stress and enhance positivity in daily personal and professional lives.

Contribute to more smiling teams
Globally, increasing percentages of burnout in the workforce show us that stress is high and people tend to work under huge amounts of pressure, meaning that they tend to be less productive, communicate less effectively or take more time off. With its workshops, GetTheLaughFlow wants to contribute to changing all of this and lowering feelings of stress and anxiety your team might experience.

"Nice thing to add with that, is that laughter is a universal language, everybody speaks this language!"

With various workshops and training sessions, we bring you a range of team building activities that help job satisfaction and increase relaxation. Our team of experienced trainers can be booked online, and if you’re located in The Netherlands or Belgium, we can even host our workshops in person, too!

Laughter Workshops Incompany
Laughter Workshops Incompany

We want to bring more happiness and improved communication skills to both teams and individuals.

Meet our team of trainers

Bente, founder of GetTheLaughFlow Events.

With her 8 years of experience and a seriously contagious laugh, she can expertly provide workshops for companies and corporations who want to offer a fun - yet educational - teambuilding experience to  their employees.

Bente covers a variety of training sessions, including Laughter Workshops, Grumble & Giggle Workshops, "Failure workshops" and Improv Theater. Definitely the expert you want to get your team laughing and communicating! She is besides a trainer and provocative coach, an excellent organisation expert .

Laughter Workshops Incompany

Freya, one of the happiest trainers you’ll ever find!

Freya embraced the LaughFlow in 2018 and upon joining our team, she has proved to be a well of knowledge and energy for all of our clients!

Thanks to her background and 15 years of experience as an Improvisation actor & trainer, she knows how to put people at ease and give them the kind of attention they need. Her hidden talent? She always knows how to bring an extremely cheerful experience to anyone attending our workshops.

Laughter Workshops Incompany

Meet Els! The trainer with the highest energy.

After starting her career in 1989 as a singer and later trainer, Els decided to become a Laughter coach as well and since 2009 she’s been bringing her melodic laugh and energetic approach to anyone willing to explore the benefits of laughing.

Since joining GetTheLaughFlow, Els has worked with a variety of clients, from individuals to teams, hosting both Laughter and Grumble & Giggle Workshops. With Els, a unique experience is guaranteed!

Laughter Workshops Incompany

With various workshops and training sessions, we bring you a range of team building activities that help job satisfaction and increase relaxation. Our team of experienced trainers can offer online of offline workshops (in The Netherlands or Belgium).


“Such a successful workshop. Since the beginning, Bente knows how to create the right mood with her open communication -- something really great to do in an online setting! Her English is also amazing and we’ve laughed so hard with each other! Definitely recommended!” Miranda van Vliet, Am Pharma

“Among all that grumbling, we laughed really hard! As colleagues, we hadn’t seen each other in almost a year and this interactive workshop was really fun. Way to go GetTheLaughFlow! ”

“GetTheLaughFlow came to freshen us up online with a great laughing energizer. We had all been through quite an intensive time at work and this surprised us and made us start the day in a relaxing way. Some of the reactions of the team were 'That’s different’, 'puts things in perspective', 'we should do this more often'. All of the sudden whatever seemed so important on our agenda didn’t feel as heavy 🙂 Thank you!” Frederieke Berendsen , Huisartsenposten Oost-Brabant

“The Grumble & Giggle workshop was a lighthearted way to connect and finish a day of management. Despite the exercises that take you out of your comfort zone, there was a good energy throughout.” Ninke van Loon, Gemeente Eindhoven

“Our team needed to become a Team. After a series of other initiatives, we decided to close with this workshop. It was the cherry on top. Nothing brings people together more than being silly, having fun and sharing a laugh till you can’t breathe anymore, so that you can then have good, stress-free conversations. Mission accomplished for us!” Jolanda Golstein, NS Dutch Trainservices

GetTheLaughFlow Events is the #1 for Laughter Workshops and Grumble&Giggle Trainings in the Netherlands. We offer events and group workshops on location throughout the country. Our team organizes an event from A to Z.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone 085-0607011 or mail.

Office phone number: 085-0607011
E-mail: info@getthelaughflow.nl
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