GetTheLaughFlow is the number 1 company in the Netherlands for Laughter Workshops and Group Trainings with a Smile!

Stressed? Try laughing! Blood starts flowing faster, endorphins are released, a rush of energy runs through our bodies and suddenly we seem to forget about that nagging problem we were so worried about.

That’s the power of laughter!

It is scientifically proven that laughing is great for enhancing communication, better group dynamics and self-confidence. All of that, while boosting mood, too!

Laughter is a universal language. It’s an outlet for tension, stress and sadness. It’s uplifting and extremely contagious. And when we learn to laugh for no reason and let go with those around us, our connection becomes stronger and more authentic.

That’s why laughter workshops are perfect for team-building days or corporate events!

Ready for a good laugh?

“Laughing is serious business -- our workshops prove it!”

Our workshops

Break the ice!
When working together, whether as colleagues or as conference attendees, it’s important to break the ice, connect and have unforgettable experiences that teach us something new.

Our workshops are crafted to do all of that and so much more.

We take laughing seriously -- and you should do, too! Every time your colleagues share a laugh, they are connecting in a new way; and the more they connect, the better they communicate. And guess what? Once communication is improved, people work together more productively and efficiently.

Certified coaches
There is so much more to laughing than just having fun and we’re here to show you how your team can benefit from such a great experience. Our certified coaches will ensure your team or customers are feeling at ease while experiencing a new way of communicating, getting rid of stress and increasing productivity.


Curious to know who we are?

GetTheLaughFlow Events was founded in 2013 by Bente Adriaens. After learning about laughter yoga and experiencing a life-changing workshop, director of the company Bente decided to become an accredited Laughter Coach. In the last few years, we’ve hosted more than 1200 workshops and GetTheLaughFlow has become the number 1 in The Netherlands for Laughter ánd Grumble & Giggle workshops.

Positive effects of laughing
Our current mission is to bring the positive effects of ‘laughing for no reason’ to the attention of as many people as possible. There’s great power in being playful and interacting while learning; learnings stay with us longer, connections are deeper and we’re more open to communicating positively with those around us.


"Learning Laughter? It can be done in your company too!"


Our workshops are the perfect way to bring more fun, improve communication and productivity to teams and events attendees. Don’t just take our word for it, take our customers words!

"Very good, very exciting, very well done" D. Fuengshunut - Willem de Kooning Academy

“Our team needed to become a Team. After a series of other initiatives, we decided to close with this workshop. It was the cherry on top. Nothing brings people together more than being silly, having fun and sharing a laugh till you can’t breathe anymore, so that you can then have good, stress-free conversations. Mission accomplished for us!” Jolanda Golstein, NS

"It was a very enjoyable laughter workshop in our conference pause. We got new energy after this break. Recommendable!"  I. Ernest - Profource

Check out more reviews of our customers here

The wide variety of services we offer just suits everything from team-building days to corporate events and conferences -- online and offline. Throughout the years we have worked with both SMEs and big corporations and we can tailor our services to your needs and requirements.


Laughing with colleagues brings us together and increases the ability to put things into perspective, while reducing stress, too!

What we offer

With various workshops and training sessions, we bring you a range of team building activities that help job satisfaction and increase relaxation. Our team of experienced trainers can be booked online, and if you’re located in The Netherlands or Belgium, we can even host our workshops in person, too!

Do you have questions about our workshops or you want to know more about our availability and prices, feel free to get in touch with our team and we’ll happily help you.

Laughter Workshops Incompany


Online or live!
Laughing with colleagues brings us together and increases the ability to put things into perspective and communicate, while reducing stress, too! Our Laughter workshops are a great activity for team-building days or corporate events as they allow your team to get to know each other better, communicate and increase productivity, learn while having fun and experience something - as a group - they’ll never forget.

Laughter Workshops Incompany


Online or live!
We all vent and grumble, but...why? At GetTheLaughflow, we specialise in hosting Grumble & Giggle Workshops, a dynamic experience that helps teams put things into perspective, become aware of their grumble behaviours and eventually find a way to smile about them all! These workshops are a great opportunity to connect, clean the slate and learn a new way of looking at grumbling.



Online or live!
Need a break? Why not just have a laugh?! Laughing is one of the healthiest activities for the mind, body and soul and even just a few minutes of laughter can help you clear your head and get creative. Our Laughing Breaks are the perfect experience for conference breaks, bigger groups, in between company meetings and more. The energy-boosting pause your team, attendees or customers will need.

Laughter Workshops Incompany


More options?
We firmly believe that being playful when learning makes for an extremely valuable experience. That’s why next to our laughter workshops, we offer a wide range of playful activities and event that aim to get your team playing, while learning, communicating and connecting in a different way. For more information on these workshops, you can also visit our website or get in touch with our team.

There is nothing better than a good laughter and/or grumble!

If you have questions about our workshops or want to know more about our availability and prices, feel free to get in touch with our team and we’ll happily help you.

GetTheLaughFlow Events is the #1 for Laughter Workshops and Grumble&Giggle Trainings in the Netherlands. We offer events and group workshops on location throughout the country. Our team organizes an event from A to Z.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone 085-0607011 or mail.

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